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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pavlov's Dog - Live In Detroit 1976

Pavlov's Dog - Live in Detroit 1Pavlov's Dog is a 1970s progressive rock/AOR band formed in St. Louis in 1972. Pavlov's Dog originally comprised David Surkamp (vocals and guitar), Steve Scorfina (lead guitar), Mike Safron (drums), Rick Stockton (bass guitar), David Hamilton (keyboard), Doug Rayburn (mellotron and flute), and Siegfried Carver (born Richard Nadler) (various string instruments including the rare vitar, a cross between a guitar and a violin). Carver left the band after the first album. On their second album At the Sound of the Bell (1976), Tom Nickeson was added to the line-up on guitar and he took over Hamilton's keyboard position after the album had been recorded as Hamilton left the band. Safron was still a member of the band but did not appear on the second album, former Yes drummer Bill Bruford played as a guest musician. Safron left in the aftermath of this, partially due to his failure to receive a promised credit on the album sleeve and the band's third album featured Kirk Sarkisian on drums.
The band's debut Pampered Menial was released in 1975. It was briefly released on ABC Records but quickly re-issued by Columbia Records. The result was that both versions appeared in stores at nearly the same time, which may have confused the public. Their second album At the Sound of the Bell followed on Columbia in 1976. The band recorded a third album in 1977, but due to poor sales of the first two albums, Columbia refused to release it, hastening the band's split. The third album finally appeared as a bootleg in the 1980s, a limited edition pressed from stolen master tapes. It was released under the name The St. Louis Hounds, without Pavlov's Dog's name on the sleeve. The album finally appeared legitimately on CD in 1994 from German label TRC, as Third.

01. Intro/Julia (8:28)
02. Late November (2:55)
03. She Came Shining (4:57)
04. Mersey (4:00)
05. Theme from Subway Sue (4:53)
Pavlov's Dog - Live In Detroit 197606. Standing here with you (4:05)
07. Did you see him cry (6:11)
08. Try to hang on (3:59)
09. Valkerie (5:57)
10. Of once and future Kings (6:18)
11. Early morning on (3:41)
12. Natchez Trace (5:01)

LOCATION / VENUEDetroit, Mi Ford-Auditorium DATEMay,14,1976


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an amazing post! Thanks so much... I have loved this band's first two releases for decades and I have never heard a single note of them 'live'. Downloading as I type... cannot wait to hear it.
Thanks again.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which venue was this at?

6:36 AM  

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