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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coachella 2008

Tapers / Recorders were in full force at Coachella 2008 by the number of artists that have been hitting the bit torrent sites as of late. Of course the popular ones of Prince, Roger Waters, and Portishead are all up but some ones you might have missed as well. Mark Ronson, Calvin Harris, Spiritualized, Stars, and video of Fatboy Slim have been appearing as fast as I can find them. Bootleg recordings have came quite a way with the introduction of new recorders and of course the internet. Most of all the recordings come in FLAC (Fully Lossless Audio Codec for you non audiophiles) although can be converted into MP3 even though an audiophile will feel sick-to-their-stomach by just the mere mention. Rumor has it that Largehearted Boy has a blog that MIGHT have links, but that is of course only rumor....

Download Coachella Set from

All Are I presume in lossy format..
Do not hesitate to email and send me more links

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've already got my Raconteurs link up so I thought I'd share my recording of Portishead's set too. Enjoy.

5:04 AM  

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