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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Al Di Meola - Live Belmont Raceway

1982picPerhaps, it is the regular member of the Colombian era. Album "Splendido Hotel" and "Casino" before the that and the empty has selected music. At this point in time, Phillip セス and others already the joining being completed. Al ディメオ�?the lock is the storm of the deep blue melody as though with the less pole guitar, it is each time. This member is used with the sound recording of the "Splendido Hotel", but it is guess, but before being really recorded, being live, that you think none is performed is. That also presumption of the member probably is empty Phillip セス where the marimba comes coming out practicing also rhythm party properly, you say that it received the production, it is innocent, it is. First being live in such manner, trying performing, "as for other" but guaranty high price receiving the people who would like to use in sound recording, "as for Splendido Hotel that thinking spreads whether it is not to be possible. So also recording all tune with this pasteboard dump, (the �? with check Korea exception) was good, whether it is it is not. As for the part of acoustic set as for being deleted adjusting to the length of program, probably will be? Becoming this sound source, the person of �?FM bureau, somehow starting pulling from the warehouse, please publish altogether live. By the way, because there is member introduction, it can be effective also cheerful Al ディメオ�?voice. Passing entirely, trying hearing, suddenly, those where doubt floats are "as for Al ディメオ�?super you adhered to 2 people of of the busyness & popularity which why was called to recording un SONY Jackson and Steve ガッ�?". That rank, this band, performance has been decided and, it is groovy, is. The �?in the original guitar kids one is. – translated from Japanese with Babelfish -

Line Up
Phillipe Saisse: keybords; malimba
Tim Landers: bass
Robby Gonzalez: drums
Al Di Meola: electric guitar

1 - Alien Chase on Arabian Desert
2 - Senor Mouse
3 - Egiptian Danza al di meola - live belmont raceway 1977
4 - Al Di's Dream Theme
5 - Beyond the Seventh Galaxy
6 - Dinner Music of the Gods
7 - Race With Devil on Spanish Highway

Notes: Recorded at WLIR's "Party in the Park", Belmont Park, NY 1977

LOCATION / VENUEBelmont Park Raceway DATE1977

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