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Friday, September 07, 2007

Foo Fighters - 550 fans can 't be wrong

Fubrighton 2007Foo Fighters played an intimate gig tonight (August 17) at the 550-capacity Concorde II venue in Brighton, covering Arcade Fire and playing a batch of songs from their forthcoming album. Tickets for the show had been snapped up in minutes.
Warmed up by a singalong DJ set from Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, the crowd chanted "Foo! Foo! Foo!" and held beer glasses aloft as Dave Grohl and his band took the stage at 5pm. Opening with a new song, Grohl, sporting a clipped beard and white T-shirt, led his band, featuring a live cellist, through a selection of new tracks and fan favourites.
During 'My Hero' Grohl invited fans to sing the chorus, shouting, "Scream it as loud as you can!", and was met with mass cheering and singing along. "I've been here since 7.30 this morning," Grohl said, donning a semi-acoustic guitar then adding, "It's not the first time I've been at a bar at 7.30 in the morning, but it's definitely the busiest bar I've been to at that time." The band then performed a new acoustic-led country-rock song, with drummer Taylor Hawkins on vocals. During the following number, the band, including a cellist/violinist introduced as "Jesse" took turns in playing solos. "This is the first time we're playing a lot of new stuff," said Grohl. "I hate to think of it as a rehearsal, but it is." When the crowd boo-ed, he said, "But it's the best rehearsal ever!" Following cheers after the statement, the band played a cover of Arcade Fire's 'Keep The Car Running', which Grohl said he had previously "butchered", referring to a performance he had made earlier in the day on Radio 1.


The Pretender
Cheer Up Boys, Your Make-Up is Running
My Hero
Enough Space
Times Like These
Foo Fighters - Brighton 2007Cold Day in the Sun
Keep the Car Running
Come Alive
Monkey Wrench
Best of You
All My Life

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