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Monday, September 03, 2007

... Some changes.....

Bootleg addicted!!!Hi everyone….. Thank you all for your support in all forms all over the last year!! I hope you have enjoyed the 1000 of concerts I have posted on the blog.

After 365 days of tracking the latest bootleg, I decided to have a litlle change…. As you have noticed I got rid of the old title and change it to a more poetic one!!! I added a small chat room for all bootleg lovers to chat with each others…. So far I achieved to attract only Some Romeos looking for some Juliets… and other trying to communicate with nothingness!!

I would like you to support the blog in upload your own recordings – whatever the source – and email me the links. Alternatively you could also  snailmail me some Audio CDr or DVDs – video or data – that I can post onto the blog.

Again thanks for all your kind message on the board, for all the email you sent me!! Show must go on!!!

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