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Monday, September 24, 2007

Floetry - Manchester Say Yes


Floetry is an English R&B, soul, neo soul, and hip hop duo. The members of the group are singer/songwriter Marsha "the Songstress" Ambrosius and rapper, MTV personality and radio hostess Amanda Diva. Amanda Diva temporarily replaced member Natalie "The Floacist" Stewart. Original members Marsha and Natalie met through their love of basketball and formed a friendship. Ambrosius attended Brits Performing Arts School and studied business and finance. Stewart experimented with acting and directing. For college, Ambrosius planned to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia on a basketball scholarship but could not due to an injury. Stewart attended Middlesex University in London and later transferred to North London University. During these years, both women continued to keep in touch. she was part of a girl group named 3 Plus 1. After the split of the group, she and Ambrosius decided to concentrate on a group together.
They began their career as songwriters in 1997. They have written for Jill Scott, Jazz of Dru Hill, Glenn Lewis, Bilal, and Michael Jackson, for whom they penned the hit 2002 single "Butterflies".
In 2000, the duo moved to the United States to further pursue their music career. After frequenting such Atlanta spoken word/poetry spots such as Yin Yang Cafe (to rave reviews), they moved on to Philadelphia. There they met J. Erving, son of basketball player Julius Erving. He became the manager of the group and introduced them to DJ Jazzy Jeff. In 2002, they signed with DreamWorks Records and released their debut album Floetic, which featured the singles "Floetic", "Say Yes", and "Getting Late". The album was also released in the UK with additional tracks, one of which features British singer/songwriter and producer Sebastian Rogers. Floetry released a live album titled Floacism in 2003. The two-disc set consisted of a CD and DVD and included the single "Wanna B Where U R (Thisizzaluvsong)" featuring rapper Mos Def. Their third album Flo'Ology was released in November 2005 and included the single "Supastar" featuring rapper Common.

Floetry - Live Manchester 2003

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