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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Heaven And Hell - the Sign Of The Swedish Cross


The band were absolutely fantastic epecially Dio was in great voice (something I was worrying about after last years 25th year anniversary show for Holy Diver) and seemed to have a lot of fun.
His voice was just fantastic and he did some nice vocal improvisations during Vodoo especially.
Iommi was also in great form and did some lengthy guitar improvisations at the start of Die Young and especially in Heaven and Hell.
This being the only real difference that I recognised as that jamming bit in Heaven and Hell was at least three/four minutes longer in Sweden Rock than in Denmark.
Both nights also included Geezer "fingering away" HEAVYLY in this jam bit .. Besides both nights his bass was turned to Volume 10 or thereabouts . it was HEAVY . Vinnie was no disappointment either he always was on the heavy side of drumming. What was somewhat disappointing though was that only one of the (to me brilliant) three new songs was played and that the set was two/three numbers short to what you Yankey lot got earlier this year.. Than again you didn't have the jamming in Heaven and Hell...
Also in Copenhagen the crowd was a bit on the old side ( I am fifty next year so better shut up maybe . but I can still headbang with the wild bunch) and quite lethargic. Obviously at the Sweden Rock festival there was a much younger and more vocal crowd which made it a better spectacle over all. Both gigs we were near the front ten rows at a wild guess and if my old a trusted pocket camera did deliver (against better believe) I will send some pics in a week or so if worthwhile. Still all I can see if this band of newcomers will be around your area ( make that within a couple of hundred miles) you have to go the are absolutely fantastic and sure a s hell can still deliver a shiver down your spine or a tear to your eye with some of those classic songs. Concert Review by Fam Schulz + Wolter

Heaven & Hell - Sweden Rock Festival 2007

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