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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Marduk - Waldrock 2000

Marduk - live

This bootleg contains the following eight tracks: 'Wolves,' 'Baptism By Fire,' 'Funeral Bitch,' 'Infernal Eternal,' Dracul Wayda,' 'Obedience,' 'Dreams Of Blood And Iron' and 'The Black.' Rather primitive effort here and average sound, with hand written black marker scrawling the title on the CDR.

1. Wolves 5:33
2. Baptism By Fire 4:20
3. Funeral Bitch 4:05
Marduk - Waldrock 20004. Infernal Eternal 5:14
5. Dracul Waida 5:07
6. Obedience 4:13
7. Dreams Of Blood And Iron 6:30
8. The Black... 4:36 

SourceSDB??Sound QualityB+Formatmp3Bitrate?Tracks20

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