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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bob Berg & Mike Stern - Games


During the end of his tenure with Miles Davis (1984 to '87), saxophonist Bob Berg began to feel the squeeze. It seemed like Miles was striving to have a pop band, in a certain way. And Mike was willing to try anything within reason, just as long as He still felt like what He was playing was coming from his heart. But by the time both started playing Cyndi Lauper tunes and Scritti Politti tunes it started feeling like a lounge act to him.
Bob Berg was rehearsing material with guitarist Mike Stern, when he finally decided to make the break with Miles.
Mike felt such a load off of him at the point. After he left Miles he felt like I really came into my own a lot more. Playing with Berg really helped him realize his own direction. It sort of pushed him into what he is doing now.
The two have one of the hardest-hitting fusion bands on the scene with Dennis Chambers on drums and Lincoln Goine on bass. Some of the energy of that dynamic group is captured on this recording.

Games 24:29
Bob Berg & Mike Stern - Games - Live USA 1992After You 16:14
After All 7:59

Bob Berg - tenorsax
Mike Stern - guitar
Lincoln Goines - bass
Dennis Chambers - drums

SourceSDBSound QualityA++Formatmp3Bitrate224Tracks3

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