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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Eric Clapton - An acoustic tale

Clapton_acouf1992 was the year of Unplugged and the last year before EC started transitioning into the blues songs he now favors. In terms of Unplugged, the actual concert was close to 3 hours-but less than half found its way onto the legitimate release. There are more than 10 boots of the concert, but they vary in quality and some duplicate a large number of the cuts on the original release. The recommended boot is An Acoustic Tale (Backstage, sb6). It features 2 versions of My Father's Eyes, 1 of Circus Left Town, and a fabulous Walking Blues. The only duplicated song from the legitimate release is Old Love (but the disc runs 70 minutes anyway).

Recorded at Bray Studios, Windsor, on 16/01/92.
11 tracks on 1 CD. Total Time : 64:25
EC/Chuck Leavell (Keyboards)  Andy Fairweather-Low (Guitar)
Nathan East (Bass)  Steve Ferrone (Drums)  Ray Cooper (Percussion)/
Tessa Niles (Vocals) Katie Kissoon (Vocals)

Tears In Heaven
Circus Left Town
My Father's Eyes 1
Running On Faith
Eric Clapton - An acoustic TaleWalking Blues
San Francisco Bay Blues
Malted Milk
Worried Life Blues
Old Love
My Father's Eyes 2                             A big thanks to Bob for the link!!!


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