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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Queen - Unreleased and demos

The_Ultimate_Queen_Back_Catalogue_Vol_1_FrontThere has been recorded lots of material during the recording days of Queen (1973-present) and ofcourse there are a lot of outtakes, alternate takes, rehearsals or complete unfinished/unreleased songs. Or just studio chats between the guy and/or the producer.
From the earlier years, unfortunatly, a lot has been erased. Since Queen weren't a big band then, and the tapes were really expensive they had to re-use tapes when a previous recording wasn't good enough.
From the first few albums there are about 20 recordings, I know most of it hasn't "leaked out" for the main public, so most of it you can't hear or download from the internet. Some songs like the De lane Lea demo tape from 1971 and songs like Silver Salmon you can download from the internet.

The_Ultimate_Rarities_Collection_frontCheck this website out: Tons of info about Queen’sUnreleased material.

Not the only one… check also those one.

Queen - Unreleased and demos

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