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Friday, March 30, 2007

Don Dokken & Glenn Hughes - US Demos 1991

AshesThose tracks were taken from Don Dokken’s Up From The Ashes Sessions Sometime during 1989/90. Following the breakup of Dokken, lead vocalist Don released this overlooked tribute to 'Under Lock and Key'-era tunes. The guitar sound and style (provided here by John Norum of Europe fame) is pure George Lynch. If not for subtle differences in soloing styles, you wouldn't know it wasn't Mr. Scary playing.
Great vocal blending, and while the catchiness of the choruses are not quite as solid as the previous Dokken material, the music is the same. With both clarity and bite, it is definitely the disc's strong point. A mix between 'Lock and Key' flow and 'Back for the Attack' heaviness; all Dokken fans should eat this one up.
Just about every song is solid in one way or another. Explosive rhythms drive "Crash N' Burn," "Living a Lie," "Down in Flames," and "Give it Up." Great kick-in distortion moves "1000 Miles Away," as the tune moves from light-to-heavy stages throughout. "Forever" is similar in setup, and has a driving chorus.
"When Some Nights" is smooth and constant, and while "Mirror Mirror" is a decent song, the chorus leaves much to be desired, and its choice as first single probably spelled the ultimate doom for the album, Hughes co-wrote a track with Don Dokkken called "When Love Finds A Fool".

Don Dokken & Glenn Hughes - US Demos 1991

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