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Monday, March 26, 2007

Allan Holdsworth - JAM 2005

Holdsworth2005Allan Holdsworth is precisely the kind of musician that drives music critics crazy. Is it rock, jazz, fusion, prog-rock? Who cares? What is undeniable is that Allan Holdsworth is a true guitar master whose music goes beyond mere discussions of genre and occupies a place all its own. His ambitious compositions, almost unbelievable dexterity on the guitar and his unflappable determination to create unique, personal music make his concerts some of the most interesting live music experiences you'll ever hear. He is one of music's great improvisors and, according to legend, the the guitarist Eddie Van Halen points to as his source of inspiration.
After completing up the first leg of his world tour here in the states and is getting ready to unleash his music on the rest of the world with his trio that includes Joel Taylor on drums and Ernest Tibbs on bass.

Allan Holdsworth -  JAM 2005

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's no legend, Eddie has always given credit to Allan who is an absolute maestro. (Unlike someone who didn't give credit until a LONG TIME later for bowing a guitar.) Try finding albums by UK and Bruford, listen to those for class playing. Even go back to Soft Machine and Tempest. Allan's playing always has a flow to it that no one else's managed to master.

11:21 AM  

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