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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Koma - Coma of the spaniard Souls

KOMA003_smallWith their already fifth album released,  belong to the veterans in Heavy Rock scene. I had listened to some of their songs in the past and I was happy to get the chance to listen to a full-length from this band.

The music of the Spaniards is very groovy and energetic. The opening track “Protestantes” is a prime example for the power of this band, which should be also unleashed in a live situation. The entire record is full of diversified songs, managing to keep up the interest of the listener. Due to a good sound and a thick production, songs like “Baga, Biga, Higa” or “El Muro De Berlin” prove their strength. Unfortunately, not all thirteen songs have such catchy hooks like aforementioned tracks. But they also have no filler on it. One discussion point could be the vocal performance of singer Birgi, who sounds like a Spanish Max Cavalera (SOULFLY/ex-SEPULTURA). Personally, I think the Spanish vocals are a welcome change to the music, but you have to accustom with the singing style. The musicians play very tight and especially the guitar section has a lot of great riffs to offer. KOMA002_smallBass and drums serve for some groove and rhythm. As said before, the production of „Sinónimo De Ofender” is really powerful. But the sound is still snotty and not polished, it’s how it meant to be on a Heavy Rock record.

“Sinónimo De Ofender“ is altogether a decent album with songs, which should be perfect for concerts. As comparison, I would name Germans BÖHSE ONKELZ, they have a similar direction, but the Spaniards aren’t that simple like the ONKELZ. The guys know how to make a party and the Spanish singing shouldn’t be big problem after some spins. Worth to check it out.


                  Koma - Live at Metalway 2006



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