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Monday, January 29, 2007

Mr. Bungle - heavymetalrockfunkfreejazzsurfrockhardcorepunk....

Mrbungle001Mr. Bungle was an influential avant-garde, experimental musical group that was known to blend and cycle through several musical genres, often within the course of a single song, fusing radically different styles together. While it would be impossible to list all of the genres incorporated into their music, some notable ones include heavy metal, rock music, funk, free jazz, surf rock, hardcore punk, ska, reggae, hip hop, avant-jazz, noise rock, funkcore, dub music, folk music, contemporary art music, pop, doo-wop, progressive rock, ambient music, funk metal, psychedelic rock, electronica, exotica, swing music, space age pop, soul music, death metal, rockabilly, bossa nova, and even video game and cartoon music. Mr. Bungle released three full-length albums between 1991 and 1999 and has not been active since then.

"The Thing Strikes" (Henry Mancini)
The Air-Conditioned Nightmare
Ars Moriendi
Goodbye Sober Day
Mr Bungle - Live at the The Quest, Minneapolis 2000Vanity Fair
My Ass is on Fire
"24.000 Baci" (Adriano Celentano)
Merry Go Bye Bye

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