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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nas: a prominent American rapper

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones (born September 14, 1973), known commonly as Nas and styled on albums as NaS, is a prominent American rapper. Raised in the infamous Queensbridge housing projects in New York City and the son of a jazz trumpeter, Nas is best known for his 1994 debut album Illmatic, widely considered one of the best hip-hop albums of all time. This album established Nas as one of hip-hop's most profound lyricists, introducing his signature poetic style.In the years following the release of Illmatic, Nas pursued a more commercial direction, which resulted in wider success but decreased artistic credibility among critics and hip-hop purists. One such instance was his appearance on PBS' Sesame Street. Furthermore, Nas' increased commercial success was accompanied by stylistic changes that fostered accusations of giving in to corporate wishes that compromised the style his fans enamored. Nevertheless, the LP Stillmatic is often credited for restoring Nas' credibility among fans. Since the success of Stillmatic, Nas continues to maintain a high profile within the hip hop community, and has pursued a decidedly personal aesthetic. While Nas' current artistic direction differs greatly from his most successful work, it has ensured that he remains one of the most respected and acclaimed contemporary rappers.

Nas - Made You Look (Gods Son Live) Live at Webster Hall, New York 2003
mp3 @ 192kbps - Dvdaudio rip -
Set List: 01 Intro / the Cross 02 Got Ur Self A Gun 03 The World is Yours 04 It Ain't Hard to Tell 05 N.Y. State of Mind 06 Life's A Bitch 07 Street Dreams 08 If I Ruled the World (Imagine that) 09 Nas is Like 10 Zone Out (Feat. the Bravehearts) 11 G.O.D. (Acapella) 12 You're Da Man 13 Rewind 14 Last Real Nigga Alive 15 Get Down 16 Mastermind 17 One Mic 18 Ether 19 Darryl Mcdaniels (DMC) Appearance 20 Made You Look 21 Made You Look Remix (Feat. Jadakiss & Ludacris)

Nas - Live In Germany 2003
mp3 @ 149kbps - soundboard - 74min

Set List: 01. Intro 02. The Cross 03. Get Down 04. Got Yourself A Gun 05. It Aint Hard To Tell 06. The World Is Yours 07. One Love 08. Represent 09. Life's A Bitch 10. Street Dreams 11. If I Ruled The World 12. Stillmatic Intro 13. Nas Is Like 14. Nastradamus 15. You're Da Man 16. Rewind
Note: I don t know who is flying high in da crew, but the concert is introduced as in Germany ... Nas keep on repeating Belgium....

NAS - Live At The House Of The Blues Chicago 06-07-02
mp3 @ 149kbps - soundboard - 7omin
Set list: 1. Intro 2. Phone Tap Intro 3. Got Yourself A Gun 4. Interlude 5. Represent 6. One Love 7. The World Is Yours 8. It Ain't Hard To Tell 9. Street Dreams Interlude 10. If I Ruled The World 11. Nashawn Spits 12. K-I-S-S-I-N-G 13. It's Mine 14. Hot Boyz 15. Hate Me Now Intro 16. Hate Me Now 17. Nas Is Like 18. Nastradamus 19. You Owe Me 20. Oochie Wally 21. Interlude 22. Smokin 23. Ether Intro 24. Ether 25. Fuck Jay-Z Interlude 26. Rewind 27. Destroy and Rebuild 28. One Mic Intro 29. One Mic 30. Illmatic Record Release Party
Note: CD rip Nas - Live in concert / promo use only....
This CD was out long before the DVD became available.

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