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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Something about the single files you download from the blog

Following the comment of bennett (l'd the two Basement Tapes and it's quite strange to have it all as one mp3 for each disc. They couldn't be batched into a zip?), just wanted to give you some information about those files and how to make split them into files.

Most of the files posted here were obtained from the WinMX network. This old style file sharing Aplication as well as KaZaA does not allow share of a folder - like DC++ or bittorent clients -: you can share only single mp3 files or archive files - .RAR, .ZIP). For some reasons, Sharers would rather use single mp3 than archive files. Another reason is that It is hard to find on those network one person that has every track of the album sought... Considering the quality, bit rate, and download speed you desire, the time it takes to complete the task is considerable.

Some software developers came up with the idea of applications which enable you to wrap a set of mp3 files into a single mp3 album and also slip them back into individual MP3s . Typically, these files have a '_ALBW' notation in the file name. AlbumWrap archives solve this problem by allowing artists to wrap an entire album into one neat file, while still providing relevant information such as title, author, bit rate, and album length in searches and downloads.
I think that probably over 50% of the files posted here were AlbumWraped. I removed the _ALBW notation in the file name because the latter look very messy, unclean and not neat.
They are all being retagged with proper information still as a single file.

I have pick up 2 freewares which will do the job:

I hope that has answered many of your questions.

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Blogger bbEZ said...

Use Soulseek instead of Win MX / Limewire etc, you can download entire folders...

11:47 AM  
Blogger zazafromjohor said...

humm thinking of a new post about p2p and bootleg... Limewire = S%$T

10:39 PM  

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