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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Call that an end

Things have changed radically for me since 2 years. I really don t have time any more to update this blog. As I am focusing on my new website (, studies and familly life -. I am afraid but that is the end. I will no longer update dead links nor post new stuff.
You can find me on dime though, on the bootleg Hubs (DC++) as well and on the openaps.
I made nice friends ( Errie, would you kindly drop me a line if you read that) from all over the planet. I am happy to have shared great moments of live music....
So long Folks....

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jeff Beck - One Those London Nights

This three-night stint at the Festival Hall is a rare live outing for Jeff Beck, but the largely reclusive genius of Britrock guitar takes to the stage with the glee of a teenager. Dressed in black vest, displaying a muscular physique, he has his white Stratocaster slung low on his hip as he grins, chews gum and unleashes a fusillade of diamond-cutting riffs.
This three-night stint at the Festival Hall is a rare live outing for Jeff Beck, but the largely reclusive genius of Britrock guitar takes to the stage with the glee of a teenager. Dressed in black vest, displaying a muscular physique, he has his white Stratocaster slung low on his hip as he grins, chews gum and unleashes a fusillade of diamond-cutting riffs. With his pudding-basin haircut unchanged since he first wrought several shades of six-stringed mayhem with the Yardbirds, it's hard to forget that Jeff was the role model for Christopher Guest's Nigel Tufnel in seminal rock comedy This Is Spinal Tap. The back projection – archive photos of Beck in his pomp or relaxing at home with his prized vintage hot rods – underlines the connection. But in a selection from his two outstanding recent albums Who Else? and You Had it Coming, he combines his hobby and his art in a way that would have Tufnel scratching his head in disbelief. Beck's flashy technique and sharp changes of gear provide customised thrills as his guitar replicates the sound of blaring horns or roaring engines. At one points he stops, orchestrating the band so that the musical bridge is provided by the sound of an old jalopy setting off on a race projected on the big screen. The sublime followed the ridiculous with his truly awesome rendition of Charles Mingus's "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat". Versatility and ability to stretch the parameters of any genre have always been Beck's calling card, and tonight is the perfect setting for him. Duelling with a percussionist, he unleashes mind-blowing modal scales, plays fat electric skank when the band dip into a loping reggae offbeat, and adds scorching New Age funk to computerised beats on a selection from his hip hop-inflected Guitar Shop album. He's always been an enthusiastic sideman rather than a bandleader, so it's not surprising that Beck's choice of guest stars can be a bit wayward. The declamatory vocalist Imogen Heap and the turgid Roger Waters are the ice to his fire, and lukewarm water was the result. But he finds the perfect partners in the garage-blues duo the White Stripes, reactivating a selection of Yardbirds hits ("Evil-hearted You", "Heart Full Of Soul" and "Lost Woman") with zeal and menace. Jack and Meg White looked vaguely embarrassed when they returned for the final all-star "Hi Ho Silver Lining" singalong, but their earlier contribution insured that Beck's generation-transcending vitality shone brightly.

Jeff Beck - Royal Festival Hall 12 Sept 02

LOCATION / VENUELondonRoyal Festival HallDATE12 Sept 02


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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Aerosmith - Live Like A Fantasy

Aerosmith - Live Like a Fantasy

Disc 1:
  1. Intro - Eat The Rich
  2. Toys In The Attic
  3. Get A Grip
  4. Fever
  5. Flesh
  6. Amazing
  7. Cryin'
  8. Crazy
  9. Boogie Man
  10. Shut Up And Dance
Disc 2:
  1. Stop Messin' Around
  2. Walk On Down
  3. Janie's Got A Gun
  4. Love In An Elevator
  5. Guitar Solo - Dazed And Confuzed - Peter Gunn
  6. Sweet Emotion
  7. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) - Dream On
  8. Livin' On The Edge
  9. Walk This Way

Aerosmith - Live in Nijmegen, Holland 1994 (Live Like A Fantasy)

LOCATION / VENUENijmegenGoffert StadiumDATEJune 22, 1994

I am unsure where this was recorded at, but most likely it’s Goffert Stadium, Nijmegen Holland, June 22, 1994, as it has exactly the same tracklisting as Live On The Edge.
Note : Between Dude and Dream On, they play a short ( 2 min) version of the Howlin’ Wolf blues classic "Born Under a Bad Sign". Interesting to note is that whoever edited this concert put the medley of Peter Gunn etc. before the actual Sweet Emotion, thus a majority of Sweet Emotion is cut and commences from the start of the guitar solo onwards. Dude and Dream On are listed together on the same track, where they could have be separated. Strangely Mama Kin omitted from the recording (after Amazing - poor edit). One of few rare occasions where Flesh and Fever were played in the same set. This concert was probably one of the most dominated with GAG numbers (a majority of it on Disc 1) and apparently the live outdoor debut of Crazy.


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Monday, August 31, 2009

Slayer - Angel Of Death


01. Intro
02. Hell Awaits
03. The Antichrist
04. South Of Heaven
05. Silent Scream
06. Dead Skin Mask
07. War Ensemble
08. Mandatory Suicide
09. Raining Blood
10. Angel Of Death

Slayer - Live in Donington 1992Additional Tracks
11. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
12. Postmortem (Remix)
13. Criminally Insane (Remix)
14. War Ensemble (Hellraiser remix)
15. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Maxi remix)
16. Aggressive Perfector (New recording)
17. Seasons In The Abyss (Alternate mix)

LOCATION / VENUEDonington ParkDATE1992

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am selling some Silver Live CDs

It is heartbreaking, but I don't have space nor time anymore for this particular collecting hobby so I am selling my entire liberated bootleg collection on eBay to focus on one artist.... Listing is on the way to be completed: I managed to list about 11 items so far..Feel free to pop in and grab a rare item....
Alternatively if you seek for live bootlegs of a specific artist please email me - You can use the free email form or use the email button both located on the side column - I will tell you if I have or not.
Check this Link out

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

George Michael - Unplugged

This is an article written by Berverly on her website. She was one of the lucky one to be invited to this private concert. Sorry Bev if I did not ask you the permition to put that on my blog… I am lacking of time!!! respect!!!

George Michael - Unplugged_FrontIf precious memories are "Something To Save", then I would like to share some recollections of a most special and magical occasion that I will certainly save for ever - the evening that my husband and I were in the audience for George Michael's "Unplugged" concert.
The security at the "secret" venue was extremely tight, and our tickets were examined closely several times before we were allowed anywhere near the studio complex where the concert was being recorded. We had previously been given instructions not to wear white (for the cameras), and not to attempt to take food, drink, drugs(!) or any type of recording equipment in to the studio with us! Once we had been cleared by security, we all had to queue up before being taken to "hospitality". Looking around the other people present, it was obvious that there was a great mix of fans and people from all aspects of the music industry, including some of the DJs from London's Capital Radio. We were led to our seats around 7.45pm. The atmosphere was really electric, people were just so excited at the prospect of George singing live again!
My husband and I were seated about halfway back in the studio, right in the centre of our row, and about four seats away from the VIP area, where we saw George's parents and other family members, Andros, Dick Leahy and David Austin. I will always remember the pride on George's mother's face that evening; I was particularly affected by her untimely passing just a few short months later.
In total I would guess that there were around 400 people in the Georgemichael_unplugged_cdaudience, and we were all quite squeezed in....I think that it could be termed an "intimate" venue!! The camera angles on the telecast made the studio look considerably larger than it actually was! Soon the band members, backing vocalists and orchestra took their places....
Suddenly, at around 8.15, there was George walking towards the stage, dressed all in black - a beautiful suit, shirt and tie - and with a huge smile on his face!! He looked so relaxed and so genuinely pleased to be there! The audience immediately began clapping and cheering - several people called out "Welcome back!". Once seated on his stool, George began a series of vocal warm-up exercises with his backing singers, much to our (and their) amusement! The live performance that then followed was one of the most impressive that I have ever witnessed, with George managing to make it both highly professional and huge fun for everyone present.
Along with the songs that made it to the final telecast, George also sang such classics as Hand To Mouth, One More Try and a wonderful version of Waiting For That Day. His voice was incredibly beautiful, he showed great control when it was needed, and also real strength. His version of Fastlove was close to the "Summer Mix", and Father Figure (one of my all-time favourites) was simply wonderful. Probably the most moving moment of the evening was when George sang You Have Been Loved. I'm not ashamed to admit that I was in tears, and so were several other members of the audience - the emotion that he imparts to his lyrics never ceases to amaze me!
Georgemichael_unplugged001It would be unrealistic to expect everything to run smoothly on such an occasion, so it will come as no surprise to learn that there were a few hitches, but they actually added to the unique atmosphere that evening! During one hold-up, George joked with the audience that we would probably have preferred to stay at home to watch Brookside (an English soap) - to which one wit shouted the response "No - Friends!", much to George's amusement. So what did go wrong? Well, the backing tape for The Strangest Thing decided to be temperamental; then George and the band each began the same song, but at different tempos, which was hilarious; and the wire leading from George's ear-piece kept coming loose, and having to be reattached to the back of his jacket with sticky-tape; and they almost forgot to perform Older! Then he wrongly credited Bonnie Raitt with having written I Can't Make You Love Me, and retook the intro....only to sing a line incorrectly, and have to go right back to the beginning again! George told us, laughing, not to worry because it would all be fine in "the edit"! At one point, something electrical became disconnected and George called for a stop - "I'm not plugged in!" - only to have the inevitable comment shouted from the audience - "That's because you're supposed to be unplugged!"! Naturally George was perspiring quite heavily under the studio lights, and a make-up girl had the enviable job of running on stage between songs to blot his face with a tissue. Throughout, George maintained a rapport with the audience and encouraged us to clap and sing along with the songs - as long as we were (joke!) "in time"!
Georgemichael_unplugged002The funniest thing occurred shortly after George and the band took a short break about halfway through the evening. He returned to the stage and started to sing, but there was a lot of hand-waving from off-stage - George's shirt was not tucked in at the front! What else could he do but turn his back to the audience, unzip his trousers and tuck his shirt back in?? The band suddenly struck up "The Stripper", and of course we were all clapping along and laughing!! Luckily, George saw the funny side of it all too!! By now the audience had really warmed up and people began to shout out requests. I think that George was really quite taken aback, but apologised to us, saying "We can only play what we've rehearsed". One person persisted, calling out again for Spinning The Wheel. George's response was remarkably candid - he wouldn't be singing that one because "we tried it and it sounded shit"! There were a few retakes of songs (mainly the slower ones) towards the end of the evening, but of course that was to be expected because we all know what a perfectionist George is, and he wanted this to be just right. And George Michael - Unplugged_BackI, for one, was delighted when he decided to retake Father Figure! Then, in an extraordinary act of generosity, George declared that he wanted to thank us all for our "patience" during the retakes. He asked for all the cameras to be switched off, even those overhead (one of which had been directly above us). He then invited us all to get up on our feet....and HE got up and danced on stage for the first time that evening while treating us to a second rendition of Star People! For me, this was the high point of an already incredible evening, and, believe me, there was absolutely nothing "edited" about the lyrical content of that song!!
The audience went absolutely wild, and then, before we knew it, it was all over....George left the stage just after 11pm, acknowledging the applause with smiles and waves. We were left to go home on a definite high! This was one evening that could have gone on for ever; but as it was, this girl really had got Everything She Wants! I feel so privileged to have been part of such a special occasion! And in case anyone still doubts it, I can say with confidence that, even without a sound system to blow your ear-drums, without heavy production, and in a semi-acoustic live setting....yes, George Michael really can SING!!

THE DATE : Friday, 11 October 1996
THE PLACE : Three Mills Island Studios, East London

Type: CD Date: 1996-10-11 Quality: A++ Catalog-No.: Togal Togal 891019

Three Mills Studio, London, England, October 11th, 1996
1. 6:35 Freedom
2. 5:31 Fast Love
3. 5:42 I Can't Make You Love Me
4. George Michael - Unplugged6:17 Father Figure
5. 5:32 You Have Been Loved
6. 5:09 Everything She Wants
7. 5:14 Praying For Time
8. 6:13 Star People

Bonus tracks
9. 5:49 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
10. 4:38 You Know That I Want To
11. 4:27 Safe
12. 4:41 Spinning The Wheel (forthright edit)

Total 65:48


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Monday, August 24, 2009

Beastie Boys - No Sleep 'til werchter

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

the Ramones - Birthday bash



Beat On The Brat

Blitzkreig Bob

I Remember You

Glad To See You Go

Gimme Shock Treatment

Gonna Kill That Girl

53rd8 3rd

Sheena Is A Punk

Rockaway Beach


Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Surfin Bird

Cretan Hop

Listen To My Heart

California Sun

I Dont Wanna Walk

Around With You


Suzie Is A Head Banger


Today Your Love

Tomorrow The World

I Wanna Be A Good Boy

Lets Dance

the Ramones - Live at the Whiskey a GoGo 21.10.77

LOCATION / VENUELos Angeles Whyskey DATE21.10.77


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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kraftwerk - Tribal Gathering 1997

Kraftwerk - Tribal Gathering 1997

Intro (0:39)
Numbers (4:07)*
Computerworld (3:27)*
Home Computer (7:14)
Man Machine (7:43)*
Tour De France (6:31)
Autobahn (11:35)
Kraftwerk - Tribal Gathering 1997Radioactivity (7:39)*
Trans Europe Express (2:31)*
Abzug (3:32)*
Metal on Metal (4:56)*
Pocket Calculator/Dentaku (10:00)*
The Robots (11:18)*
NEW TRACK (5:56)
Boing Boom Tschak/Music Non Stop (10:18)

LOCATION / VENUELuton Hoo Estate Tribal Gathering Festival DATE25.5.97

In October 1997 in addition to the song 'Luton' Kraftwerk performed 2 new songs in Linz, Austria. The beginning of the first song (the so called 'Tango') is the melody of the song Airwaves, originally released in 1975. 'Tango' was also performed later, in 1997-1998 and mainly in 2002-2003 (known from fan reviews).
The second song was played the first time in Linz and the last time in Karlsruhe. This 'two-time performed song' is the so called 'Lichthof'. Shamefully, the BBC was supposed to be broadcasting the gig live, but instead edited it down and only broadcast the tracks marked above with asterisks.


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Friday, August 21, 2009

Goldfrapp - Somertime

17651531-17651534-slargeWith its elegantly proportioned 1790s architecture and matchless riverside location, Somerset House is in many respects a dream venue, especially on a perfect summer evening under a sky turning cobalt as the sun goes down. However, I'm not certain this was quite the right setting for the erotic techno-cabaret of Goldfrapp, an act surely designed for murky nightclubs reeking of cigar smoke, spilled whisky and cheap perfume.
Judging by the aura of pervy sex that drips from the songs on their new album, Black Cherry, the band's theme tune ought to be Tainted Love (surely the source for the pumping electrobeat of Train). Singer Allison Goldfrapp seems bent on perfecting her own digitised update of Marlene Dietrich, taking the stage in a short black dress and pert matching cap, like an airline stewardess from the Weimar republic. She doesn't say much - her typical between-song comment is "cheers" - perhaps in order to avoid destroying the auditory illusion carefully assembled by her band.
In fact, even though there are five musicians on stage, she might just as well stand there with her musical partner Will Gregory and a bunch of machinery, since Goldfrapp's music is highly processed and synthetic. Every track is a sleek confection of drum machines, synths and mock-string effects (although, to be fair, there are some interludes of real violin, too). And Goldfrapp's voice has a curious treated quality, as if we are hearing an electronic facsimile of what she is singing.
Consequently, it was no surprise that a certain sameness began to creep into the proceedings: many songs share a sound palette and tick along at a similar pace. Notable exceptions are the nervy pulse of Twist and an encore of Black Cherry that finds the band running in slow motion as Goldfrapp mooches through the lyric. New single Strict Machine bowls along tidily enough, but its echoes of Suzi Quatro's Devil Gate Drive and Gary Numan-ish lyric about robotic love create a strange sensation of time running about 25 years in reverse. We had already been through that with the support band, the aptly named Colder, who seem to be on a mission to revive the "classic" sounds of Ultravox and Steve Strange. Help!

Goldfrapp - London Sommerset House 08-03  Tuesday July 15 2003

LOCATION / VENUELondon Sommerset House DATE08–03
NOTES:This was played on XFM in 08–03. last track is a studio session recorded on radio 2 in 2004


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