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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Muse - Glastonbury Festival 2004


Those that know me know I have a problem with Muse, it’s personal, they are based in my home town and we just don’t get along when they are in the same club. So I was prepared to come away feeling vindicated for my loathing. Instead they blew me away. It might not have much soul but the white coated Matt Bellamy sure has power.
They played a mighty set and were taut and apocalyptic, they didn’t talk to the crowd much but they didn’t need to the power of the songs spoke volumes. They were so impressive it was hard to believe three guys could make so much noise. From the hard edged opener of Hysteria to the last song Stockholm Syndrome they played a blinder.
They were indeed wholly on the money when they said it was the best gig of their lives. This was a master stroke of Glastonbury to put them on as headliners and instead of faultering they were faultless! For me anyway it explained why I see so many people wearing Muse hoodies as they are probably one of the top acts in the country.
Their show was marred by the death of drummer Dominic Howard’s father shortly after the end of the band’s set. The band cancelled their next festival in the festival tour they are doing this summer and are yet to make a decision on future plans.
Worryingly in the Q Review of the festival Matt says that they have no plans to make a new album and possibly they will just disappear. If they do, then they will be leaving at the peak of their form.
Maybe it is better to burn out than fade away but on this performance surely they have more to offer. Yes, that’s right I am now a Muse fan too! (I still can’t stand them though!)

Sing For Absolution
Citizen Erased
Apocalypse Please
Muse - Glastonbury Festival 2004Sunburn
Butterflies and Hurricanes
Time Is Running Out
Plug-In Baby
Stockholm Syndrome

review by Scott Williams

LOCATION / VENUEGlastonbury Pyramid stage DATE2004
NOTES:This was broadcast on Lamacq live back in the days… not the full set was played.


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