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Friday, June 20, 2008

the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Ocean Cataclysm and other Stories


Originally formed in 1999, the band comprised Guy McKnight (vocals), Andy Huxley (lead guitarist), Marc Norris (rhythm guitarist), Symren 'Sym' Gharial (bassist), and Tom Diamantopoulo (drummer), until May 2005, in which Andy Huxley "decided to leave due to a decrease in musical similarities" to form the death-jazz band Vile Imbeciles and was replaced by Rich Fownes from With Scissors. The band's sound is dark and blues-influenced, with wild crooning vocals, deep bass lines and tom-heavy tribal drumming. In their first few years as a band, they were known for their large black car with red and orange flames on each side. According to Guy McKnight on MTV Two's Gonzo the car has now gone. The band are renowned for their intense live shows, where McKnight regularly leaves the stage during numbers to mingle with the crowd.They have released two full-length albums, "Hörse Of the Dög" in 2002 and "The Royal Society" in October 2004. The band have released seven singles on various different formats, each release has had several b-sides included and so the band have a large amount of songs that cannot be found on their albums. The song "Mister Mental" was featured on the "romzomcom" movie "Shaun of the Dead", the film also contained posters and other references to the band.In 2003 Guy McKnight, Tom Diamantopoulo and former member Andy Huxley all became Buddhists after giving up drugs. In an interview, former member Andy Huxley was questioned about his reasons for giving up drugs he said "Because it's irresponsible, and you can't get anything done, and it stifles your creativity, and there's no benefit in it really, apart from its like going on vacation constantly, I can't write any songs when I'm on drugs, I need to be sober".

Introduction - Disaster
Morning Has Broken
Team Meat
Celebrate Your Mother
Whack of Shit
Turkish Delights
Giant Bones
Psychosis Safari
Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Live at Ocean London 04-03Flag Party
Turrential Abuse
Presidential Wave

Xfm Session
Celebrate Your Mother
Psychosis Safari
Presidential Wave

LOCATION / VENUELondon Hacney Oceans 2 DATE2004 -01 -15
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Blogger Stephane said...

thanks for posting this, listened to it at the time but never got a chance to capture the sound file, you've made my day!

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