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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Massive Attack - SUE

MassiveAttackMassive Attack's fourth album, 100th Window, which was recorded without Marshall, was released in early 2003. It entered the Top 10 at Number 1 in the UK.
In 2004, the band, now consisting of Del Naja, Davidge, and programmer Alex Swift, released an instrumental soundtrack for the feature film Danny the Dog, which was produced by Luc Besson. The film's title was changed to Unleashed prior to the American release, though the album was initially released under the original title as it came out months before the film. 2005 saw the band contribute another soundtrack, this time for the feature film Bullet Boy. The group had also been slated to work on music for the film V for Vendetta with past collaborator Craig Armstrong but had to leave the project due to scheduling problems.

What they Played that Night?

01 Future Proof - Intro - 5:18
02 United Snakes - 7:42
03 Angel - 5:06
04 Risingson - 4:59
05 Spying glass - 5:51
Massive Attack - Festival Santiago Urbano Electrónico  - SUE 200406 Speed of Dark - 3:11
07 Teardrop - 5:28
08 Mezzanine - 6:21
09 Hymn to the big wheel - 6:15
10 Antistar - 9:01
11 Safe from Harm - 7:27
12 Innertia Creeps - 5:37

LOCATION / VENUESantiago de Chile Festival Santiago Urbano Electrónico DATE28–05–04


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