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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Deftones - Fondness For Own Genitals, Bares Backside To Dutch

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno may have partied a little too hardy at Saturday's Waldrock Festival in Bergum, Holland. His obviously inebriated onstage behavior prompted organizers to cut his band's set in half amidst resounding jeers from a disappointed audience. The crowd noticed something was amiss when festival headliners Deftones arrived onstage 40 minutes late and with a crewmember in tow to keep Moreno from falling over, according to a festival spokesperson. His upright position was short-lived, however, since soon after Deftones broke into song, the soused singer leapt from the stage into the crowd below, where he remained on the ground for some time and — to his credit — continued to sing "Headup," from 1997's Around the Fur. Following a barrage of obscenities — most mentioning his genitalia and fondness for it — Moreno ripped off his pants and underwear to show the people exactly what he was talking about. Bare-assed — though obviously not embarrassed — he proceeded to tuck his penis between his legs transvestite-style and plead with the ladies of the crowd that now that he's shown them his, they should reciprocate. Moreno's reasoning was met with several "f--- you"s from the biological females in attendance, according to concert attendee Sly, webmaster of the fan site DutchDeftones.
Forty-five minutes into the performance, organizers pulled the plug on the band's set, which was scheduled to last 90 minutes. Although Moreno's tardiness was a factor in the decision — the show carried a 12:30 a.m. curfew — his belligerent behavior was the overriding cause for the premature whistle.
"If he had been sober, and the show had been good, we would have let him play until about one," the spokesperson said.
Moreno's antics weren't only confined to the stage. During Suicidal Tendencies' set, he broke the festival's "no crowd-surfing" rule and was subsequently chased down by security. The pursuit led to the backstage area, where guards, not knowing who he was, physically stopped him, and a scuffle erupted. No one was seriously injured, and Moreno returned to his dressing room, where he stayed for two hours before his tour manager had to coax him out. Moreno, however, has a slightly different recollection of events, according to his publicist. He claims that prior to show time, he was drinking vodka with Mike Patton of Fant?mas, who were also on the bill. After cutting his finger, he went to the first aid tent for a bandage. Realizing he was late for his set, Moreno then ran backstage, where he was tackled by security, who punched and kicked him in the head. Then, minutes before he hit the stage, he vomited. Moreno concluded that his behavior was partly the result of the alcohol and partly the result of his damaged equilibrium from the fight.
"It was the most heavy metal, punk rock moment we've ever had onstage," Moreno said Monday of the incident. Moreno also managed to break four microphones while onstage, one of which hit a concertgoer in the head, according to the festival spokesperson.

Notes: the track Subliminal features Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies.

Deftones - Live at Walrock 2001

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