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Monday, December 31, 2007

the Gladiators - Holland '81

The gladiators

By the early `80s, roots bands were becoming an expiring lot, but The Gladiators continued to release excellent albums on various U.S. labels. They continued recording high-quality albums through the `90s. Even the departure of Fearon during this period could not extinguish The Gladiators' spirit or Griffiths' drive. Like The Wailers, The Gladiators are one of the very few reggae bands to not only survive but succeed over the decades despite changes in members, and maintain their unique sound and message. They are one of the rare Jamaican groups that are actually a band in the true sense of the word and have a distinct style that shines forth regardless of the circumstances. Griffiths' lyrics, filled with biblical passages and parables, are equally notable.

01 - Music makers from Jamaica
02 - Looks is deceiving
03 - Dreadlocks the time is now
04 - Soul rebel
The Gladiators - Live Apeldoorn, Holland 198105 - Stick a bush
06 - Talking blues
07 - Rich man poor man
08 - Chatty chatty mouth
09 - Small axe


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