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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What is a "liberated" bootleg?

bootlegs inc. .. continued

A liberated bootleg is a commerical bootleg that has been copied. Copying a commerical bootleg is NOT the same as copying an official cd. A commercial bootleg is a bootleg that has been mass produced onto silver cds by small, illegal record companies. Commercial bootlegs are illegal, as selling them is the same as selling normal bootlegs. However, many people collect them (bootlegs such as "Nirvana: Suicide Solution" are very popular amongst collectors). If a commercial bootleg is copied and traded, it is known as "liberated". This is not illegal, because the material is still uncopyrighted and so is legal to trade. Paying for a commerical bootleg is not the same as paying for standard bootleg. A commercial bootleg is the original, comes on a silver cd (rather than a cdr) and comes complete with artwork. Original commercial bootlegs can only be bought (or traded for another commerical boot), whereas normal boots can be traded for, and so there is no need to buy them. However, it is worth researching a certain bootleg before buying one, because they often contain recordings that can be found in better quality through trading.


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