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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bootlegger stories - Sepultura UK tour 1991

Sepultura1991_002I had my camera taken off me at Nottingham Rock City last year at the Trivium gig. They have never allowed cameras in that venue and I have been going there since '87.
As regards to the band letting people film, sometimes its up to their management, if present. A few years ago (91) I followed Sepultura around the country on the Arise tour. I had just bought myself a brand spanking new Sony Handycam. I spoke to all the band members (and Sacred Reich aswell) and not one of them was bothered about me filming them. Unfortunately for me, Gloria, Sepultura's manager, didn't agree. She spotted me filming at the Birmingham show and confiscated my camera. I was also kicked off the guest list for the rest of the tour. The following night, in Newport I met up with Gloria to get my camera back. She really didn't want to return it. I then said that if she didn't I would call the police. She eventually backed down and handed it over (minus the tape). Unfortunately, that was the end of a decent friendship that had built up over a couple of years of watching Sepultura.

by Daveingham… taken from Trivium board.

Note: That is one of the 2 new “column” that came out of my mind on the way to Roma. If you have any good fortune or misfortune at bootlegging…fights with the security… funny stories… or simply share your experiences with others email them to  me – top right hand side column –. They will be published over here.


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