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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bootlegger stories - Glasgow bouncers

Bouncer-500Went to live in scotland for one year in 2005/2006 for studies. I’ve been doin’ bootlegs since 2001. Collectives & bands are usually pretty open when it comes to bootlegs, dudes like Capricorns, baroness, sourvein and so on are really cool & open minded blokes as long as I’m not runnin’ some business with it behind. Just before goin’ back to my loosy native country, I went to see down at the abc in Glasgow at the end of may. This has actually been quite a cool experience as I was prepared for recordin’ the gig of a band I always wanted to see live. I arrived very early on the location so that I could stay just in the front row. I started the recording when the guys went on stage. It took probably 30 minutes before the bouncer in front of me saw the mic I was using attached on my jacket. And this retarded moron just called his boss who took my mic & the md I was usin’ for that recordin’. He gave me that stuff back after the show. But what these monkeys didn’t realize was that the headphones I was wearing ‘round my neck where connected to another md (yeah, usually, recording with two sources allow you to have a better master/live sound). So at least I’ve the Down show in Glasgow ! death to monkey bouncers !

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