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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gorilla Biscuits - Having A Great Time..Wish You Were Here

Gorilla_Biscuits001The New York straight edge hardcore punk band Gorilla Biscuits were formed when Smilios met Civorelli while they were both living in New York City and going to the same high school. They were both fans of the band Agnostic Front and became interested in hardcore from listening to them. They started going to hardcore shows at CBGB's on the weekends, where they met people like Ray Cappo and Porcell, of the band Youth Of Today.
Arthur wanted to start a hardcore band and wanted Civ to sing, but Civ had no interest in singing and had to face the floor or wall while doing it in the early stages of the Biscuits. Members of the band Token Entry hooked them up with a show (Gorilla Biscuits used Token Entry's drummer for that first show), and needed a name for the still unnamed band, in order to give it to the show's promoter. The drug of choice in their neighborhood was quaaludes, which people called "gorilla biscuits" because they were so huge. The name was only meant to be temporary but stayed with them.
The start was kind of rough. They made poor quality demo tapes. The cassettes themselves were of poor quality, bought at a dollar store which had no cases, so they just cut and pasted some stuff onto a piece of paper and copied them. The first shirts were blue with a gorilla riding a skateboard, and were made using a black magic marker and an ink blotter. 

Gorilla Biscuits - Having A Great Time..Wish You Were Here


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