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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Vines - Live At The Wireless 2006

Vines_9760The Vines formed in 1995 when singer, Craig Nicholls dropped out of high/art school to work at McDonalds, where he met bassist Patrick Matthews who was working there whilst attending medical school. They have been notable for producing a raw musical hybrid of 60s rock and 90s alternative with the band being popularly promoted as "The Beatles meets Nirvana".
In mid 2005, the group had reported that they were working on their third album with producer Wayne Connolly. Andy Kent (bassist of You Am I) filled in on bass playing duties. In November, the band's management announced they had finished recording all the songs that will be on the album. Mixing and mastering of the tracks commenced January 2006. In mid December 2005, it was discovered that one of the songs from the album had been leaked. Although the song was as-of-yet untitled and unfinished, it contained guide vocals and instruments. The band's manager asked for the song to be taken down from the blog it was found on, drummer Hamish Rosser also issued a statement on the band's fan club forum asking fans not to post or distribute the song on the internet.


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