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Friday, February 09, 2007

Enzo Avitabile - Bottari roots

EnzoAvitabileBottar001Enzo Avitabile was born in Naples and became one of the biggest stars in Italy. During this period, he worked with the biggest names on the international stage including James Brown and Tina Turner. In 2001, he began work on a brand new musical project. The highly original sound of the album is as a result of Enzo merging his sound with the tradition of the “Bottari”, whose origins date back to the 14th Century and involves using barrels as percussion instruments in ancient rhythms. Now Enzo has collaborated with the Bottari of Portico using the primitive rhythms of the barrel to create a pulsating, obsessive and strongly energetic rhythmic musical journey.

Described at Womad as " one of the highlights of the festival"

Enzo Avitabile - Live at Womad 2004

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