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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

AC/DC - R'n'R is Evil Doll

ACDC - R'n'R is Evil DollAlthough quite a number of shows were recorded during the "Highway To Hell" tour of 79-80, the same 3 concerts seem to be constantly re-released by bootleggers. The famous Paris concert of December 79 was one of the first bootleg release with "Bon Scott's Last Oui Oui" in 1981, and finally released in official form and definitive sound quality in "Bonfire" recently. None of the CD or Lp release ever contained the full concert and the most complete is the above-mentioned. The Towson University show of October 79 has also been re-released many times. It was broadcast in the US on FM radio and the best version of this concert is the "Living In The Hell" CD & Double Lp. Finally the London Hammersmith Odeon concert of November 79 broadcast by the BBC and released as a Transcription Disc in 1980 has been issued more than enough time in various quality levels. The better sounding one, and only complete is the Double CD "Angus Cha Cha". Other interesting releases of the 79 tour include 2 German shows, Berlin December 79 ("Dirty Big Balls") and Nuremberg September 79 ("High Voltage On Stage").

- Rocker
- The Jack
- Live Wire
- High Voltage
- Let There Be Rock
- Bad Boy Boogie
- Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be ACDC - Live at Pavillion De Paris 9 Dec. 1979
- Whole Lotta Rosie
- Sin City
- Highway To Hell
- Girls Got Rhythm
- Shot Down In Flames.

Live at Pavillion De Paris 9 Dec. 1979 (8pm concert)
Source: Radio
Sound: Excellent.
REC 037 (1995, Germany)
Note: Weird sequencing and a somehow uninteresting release. This was not recorded in the US as written on the back cover. Digipak sleeve.

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