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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Robbo Ranx - London soundsystem

Robbo RanxRobbo Ranx is one of the UK's most prominent dancehall and reggae DJs. He emerged as an MC and selector on a NW London soundsystem called Tippertone (1984-89), which he co-founded with a school friend.
In 1989 Robbo set up the record label Musik Street, recording and releasing tracks by artists such as General Levy, Sweetie Irie, Chuckie Star and Jack Radics between 1989 and 1996.
In 1994 he helped to form Skyline FM. The success of the station led to Robbo Ranx hosting Unique FM's The Street Experience, a weekly show reflecting the reggae music scene. Robbo's character and voice on air became one of the more distinct and used voices within the radio-advertising field.
Powpow sound systemIn 2000, Robbo Ranx left the pirate radio scene and joined Choice FM to host a weekly reggae dancehall show.
In 2002 Robbo Ranx joined BBC 1Xtra to host the acclaimed 'Dancehall Splurt' radio show twice a week. In 2004, he won two Sony Radio Acedemy bronze awards, for the radio show and for BBC 1Xtra's broadcast of Sting 2003, Jamaica's biggest dancehall festival.
Robbo also took dancehall reggae to the heart of the West End with Uptown Splurt, the longest running dancehall night in London.
Over the last year on 1Xtra Robbo Ranx has interviewed a variety of reggae stars in the UK and abroad, such as Sizzla, Beenieman & Capleton.
His show goes out twice a week on BBC 1Xtra, from 10pm-midnight on Tuesdays and from 7pm-10pm on Thursdays. In july 2006, he brought his soundsytem and hooked up with the massive German sound Pow Pow as part of the 1xtra world cup parties shows.

Robbo Ranx - Live in Kohln 06¨C06

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