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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Johnny Cash - Country Style USA


 These are vintage radio broadcast transcript discs (at times you can hear the vinyl which adds flavor).The sound quality is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Johnny Cash and the Original Tennessee Two.
Luther Perkins: Lead Guitar
Marshall Grant: Upright Bass

Country Style USA is from 1958, Guest Star is From 1959.



1. Country Style USA intro
2. Hey Porter
3. I Walk The Line
4. "reserve for youth training program"spot
5. Rock Island Line (Johnny says they haven't recorded it yet)
6. So Doggone Lonsome
7. Country Style USA outro
8. Country Style USA introJohnny Cash and the original Tenessee Two - Live on Country Style USA 1958
9. Folsom Prison Blues
10. Cry Cry Cry
11. "reserve for youth training program"spot
12. I Was There When It Happened
13. Get Rythem ("Our latest release on Sun")
14. Country Style USA outro


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