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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Deep Purple - Last but not least

DPlastbutnotleastI was not disposed < dispose > for this concert enthusiastically. Reviews from former projections, within the confines of it tour Purpli, they said about elegant atmosphere, on dedicated chairs musicians sitting and plays on stage sipping red wine . It mismatched it for me Nijak Spodka, presence excluded creation of typical atmosphere in which  over eight thousands fans for philharmonic rather DP. Several minutes before 20.30, musicians  have appeared on stage along with conductor paul Romanian Symphony Orchestra Mannem and ion of lord. Then, moments have entered Steve Morse, roger become Glover and Ian Paice. Lord has greeted on photo all assemble  and first work has foreshadowed (has presaged) in execution of orchestra and Millera Andersona, there be visitors of groups one of vocalist in time of european concert route. It has resounded " " very well < goods (right) > Pictured within, modern system has been showed as fairest part under dome suspended with (from) naglosnieniowy Spodka. Then, < sweat > it has invaded on stage james Ronnie Dio. Person inconspicuous enough, but voice about rare power. Exactly the same, as on fairest albums Rainbow if (or) Dio. Excellent execution of work " " Glovera Love is all and Sitting in but " dream, in character musical comedy troche, but with rock chad played. deep purple0002Then, < sweat > something from new album Ronniego and " " Rainbow in the dark does not have already - here wapliwosci, that there will be concert in (to) hundred percents rock. That flaunts (parade) hard moment technically Steve Morse solówkami, each note and it reaches each word of vocalist recipient (receiver) it desert of topping sounding -. It comes down from stage Dio, next work it " " Wring that neck, section wound has in which (who) for saying a lot ( topping musician (composer), besides, can drink up great deal it will present them - later Ian Gillan. ). Conductor of paul of semolina leads orchestra excellently, differences in dynamics and they excite recognition precision. It appears on stage at the end Gillan. We hear " " Fools, " Sometimes and " fell like screaming, " " Ted the mechanic, " When but not transmit (be suitable) man " blind cries. Orchestra co-sounds superbly, " Slepiec. It does not recede prototype in symphonic version from famous " singla. It plays as visited Steve Morse, we receive sample of its (his) in each song ability wirtuozerskich. Solo show has with accompanying orchestra too - " " Guitar strings. When they have played " " Pictures of home, as seen, that it culmination of evening (in the evening). It has resounded it more uwór, than excellently. Excellent arrangement of party of orchestra, bow with guitar morse playing Deep_purple00001unisono, in good vocal form Gillan what is possible it to want - more? Have turn out for moment, that completely great deal. " Concerto. " I feared reaction of audience - a bit, not transmit (be suitable) it for jumping fortieth (forty) minutes of music if (or) even przytupywania. Suites in first part < frequent >, it was in time single whistles (catcalls) can be heard orkiestrowych pasazy, part of spectator has managed for foyer, where queues (railroads) have been extended for beer simultaneously severely. I had privilege of receipt of music on siedzaco, so, I listened to quietly, as according to foreshadow (presage) - Gillana it conflicts (combat) with orchestra - group. Some (certain) grumbler cried " loudly! " Wish has been granted behind (for) its (his) moment of -, because they have come for voice Deep Purple. Raging between orchestra dynamic dialog but it has showed proficiency of conductor group, as well as it, that it rules on stage . Musicians (composers) to him (it) on movement of (traffic of) baton urgently expecting DP wpatrywalii. Suites in second (other) part < frequent > climate troche powialo westernowym, shows ion of lord composing, there was after hearing some (certain) freshly soundtracku Ennio Morricone. But it has lit for moment already morse punktowiec and we have heard second (other) this evening (in the evening) already solo wirtuozerskie. deep purple00003It has presented in third percussive part < frequent > solo Ian Paice. At last it was possible to admire him (it) style of elegant game with (from) close, because this time percussion become stage in front. For composer else not applause ucichly and executives " Concerto. ", When we have heard familiar sounds hammonda, heralding start " perfect " strangers. This fairest execution of this classic (classics) was, that data was hear me ever. Anyway, it surprising, because it play on former concerts this work. It presents all executives Ian Gillan, we learn adorable women with (from) chórku, which (who) plays according to zapenien Iana, they spent in duration of suite with (from) before time will will interrupt behind stage, in the nude. Wtem, It plays on guitar Steve Morse. " " Day tripper, Several tacts only, in order to for passage < proceed > " my " Yoy really got Kinksów, it drown further riff ZZ, which (who) turns in (to). It " " Stairway heaven! Extensive fragment for sky we " stairs " Deep Purple zaserwowali, and it in that style. There is further gaily (cheerful) else it sings - whole hall " alabama " Sweet home and we hear centuries at the end riff. He (it) it " " Smoke water, it sings second (other) james zwrotke deep purple0005Ronnie Dio, all sing refren. Audience must not encourage even specially Gillan. It will will interrupt after short - bisy. Without orchestra already, we hear " " Black night. It enters on conductor Ian podest and it conducts audience with baton in hand in (to) Spodku. At last great end heralds familiar intro it opened projections by summer (year) that -, or " " Highway star. We hear lord, which (who) has sculptured each fast note infernal on hammondzie przecyzyjnie solówki, then, < sweat > along with already Morsem and Gillanem, sounds borrowed from J.S. Bacha. End. If (or) there was fairest concert Deep Purple, from it, have played what in our country? Perhaps,, though certainly < obvious > there is problem of taste, if (or) attaching to tradition. It has been placed in my personal ranking highly, than memorable projection in (to) in historic composition (warehouse) .

deep purple - katowice 2000Translated from polish with
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