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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Stryper - To Hell with the Devil

STRyper001Stryper is a Christian metal band from Orange County, California, USA. Formed in 1983, they are considered pioneers in the mainstream popularization of Christian rock music. Stryper enjoyed great success during the late 1980s before breaking up in 1992, when most metal groups of the 1980s lost popularity. However, the band reunited in 2003 and are attempting a comeback in the Christian music world.
Stryper's third album, , was released on October 24, 1986 and went platinum, selling more than one million copies. In addition to being Stryper's most successful record, it was both the first contemporary Christian music and Christian metal album to achieve this feat. Both "Free" and "Honestly" were hugely popular MTV hits in 1987--so much so, that "Honestly" became Stryper's best-known song. Bassist Tim Gaines did not participate in the recording of this album, and for a period of time prior to the release of the record he was replaced by another bass player, Matt Hurich. However, when the promotional photos for the album were being shot, Gaines decided to return to the band and participated in its successful world tour.

Stryper - Dynamo festival 1987 Stryper - Dynamo festival 1987

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