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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jet - Live at the 100 Club 2006

Jet0001After taking off around the globe with their hugely popular debut 'Get Born' Jet brought a bit of energy and gritiness back to a too-cool-for-school music scene. After a near two years of relentless touring they reconveined in America to record the long awaited follow up 'Shine On'.Now they've finally returned and to celebrate Jet performed an exclusive Xfm and O2 gig at London's tiny 100 Club infront of a packed audience that stirred up plenty of energy and so much sweat that it was coming of the ceiling. Opening with a storming trio of 'Come On Come On' 'Roll Over DJ' and 'Get What You Need' the next hour of the gig was a mixture of new tracks such as 'Rip It Up' and 'Money Mouth' before pulling out the classic singles 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl?' and 'Cold Hard Bitch' which sent the crowd into near delirium.

Come on come on
Roll over DJ
Get What You Need
Skin and Bones
Money Mouth
Look What You’ve Done
Kings Horses
Shine One
Are You Gonna
That’s all lies
Rip It Up
Take It Or Leave It
Cold Hard Bitch
Bring It On Back
Stand Up
Get Me Outta Here Jet - Live at the 100 Club 2006


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