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Sunday, December 10, 2006

the doors missing tapes

Doors_liveI'm not sure which CD came out first, but it's obvious that one is a digital clone of the other -[Rock Adventure 1CD] & Missing Links [Memorial Records 1CD]- both CDs are identical with the exception of the covers and one extra second of dead time on each of the two tracks of The Missing Tapes CD.
Both CDs contain the complete unedited Rock Is Dead jam session from March of 1969. Quality is excellent and if you haven't heard this session before, definitely pick up a copy!
Some of the gems on this CD are Jim singing Love Me Tender; Whiskey, Mystics and Men; Me and the Devil Blues; Queen Of The Magazines (or The Naked Woman Song), and the ultimate version of Rock Is Dead.
VG SBD stereo

1 - Whiskey, Mystics And Men (2:35) JIM
2 - The Soft Parade Intro N.1: (4:57)
    - Petition The Lord With Prayer
    - Whiskey, Mystics And Men
    - Petition The Lord With Prayer

3 - Love Me Tender (2:38)
4 - Rock Is Dead #1 (10:21)
5 - Me And The Devil Blues (6:22)
6 - Rock Is Dead #2 (2:40)
7 - Rock Is Dead #3 (4:40)
8 - Rock Is Dead #4 (5:23)
9 - Queen Of The Magazines (4:03)
10- Medley: (19:16)
    -Rock Is Dead #5
As usual...the setlist on the CD back is inaccurate, the above is correct.















the missing tapes


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Blogger melaten said...

Hi zazafromjohor doesn´t function here on a mac - i tried 3 different browser without any success. all show the home page of megaupload.

an alternative link (hideurl, for example) would be nice.

herr k. - totally fuzzy

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its here. Enjoy

4:21 AM  

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