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Friday, November 16, 2007

Slipknot - Bled Donington to death

Slipk003All those who thought it couldn't get any better than Saturday at Download were in for some serious thrills on Sunday. The action was relentless, and fans barely had a chance to catch their breath as legendary set followed legendary set - each one marking the highlight so far, only to be superceded by the next band!

Slipknot literally went off with a bang - an impressive wall of pyrotechnics, later dwarfed in impact by last year's hero of Download - Joey Jordison - with his brutal, mind-blowing drum solo that will be talked about for years to come.They were their usual mischievous selves but this time they had some kind of hug fest going on with the crowd. No more talk of “maggots” doing their will but vocal hugs for support and the missing “clown” (one of the guys that belts the crap out of the drums at the side whilst running around frantically) and “family”. Sure they added a few “motherfuckers” in there but they were more Labrador than Rottweiler and amazingly when they said jump everyone still said, “yes master, how high?” They managed the same trick as last time they played Donington; they got everyone (well about 20,000) to sit down then jump up and “go fucking nuts” on queue. That is a spectacle trust me on that one.

Live at Download festival 2005 Video


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